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aaawwwww, poor Lord Friendzone! </3







Disney gender swaps by Sakimi Chan



I think we need to talk about Guy Esmerelda

the cruella one

Incredible. *____*

this is freaking fantastic!!! O__________O

Aaww man this was totally brilliantly fun to do! But I did it! (with only 4 hours of sleep in between, whooopsie)

I’m having a bash at Telltale games’ art style because it’s soo amazing! But this is gonna take a while.. the line art alone took me hours.

Whilst I sleep, have a WIP preview of some Hannah/Wolf among us art. The eye in the magnifying detective glass is supposed to be the wolfs eye, but it’ll be more obvious when it’s coloured I promise.

Recommended by @Sam_ja (thankyou)

Here’s Lewis and Simon from the Elements episode “You are now an ant”. Quite oddly the first time I’ve done any main channel fan art in a very long time.. (sowwwwyyy)

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did a drawing of one of the yogmods as a disney princess it was part of a wired conversation 

it’s amazing!! thankyou <3

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How many YogSlash fanfics have you read? If you haven't read any, read one, and blog your reaction please!



I haven’t read any :) I try to stick to the main tags :P 

Minty is far more gracious here than this anon deserves.

Don’t be a dick, Yognau(gh)ts. While the Yogscast spend a lot of time interacting with their fandom online, it is incredibly rude to expect them to read your porn/sexualized fantasies about them or their characters or their friends. It’s not funny or clever or sly to send messages like this to the Yogscast. It just means you’re a person with poor boundaries and shitty social skills at best, or an asshat at worst.

People should have a little courtesy, don’t wave it in the yogscast’s faces and don’t send demanding, sly messages to try and get a show out of them. Members of the Yogscast are people, they’re not there to poke until they give a reaction. 

Don’t be a dick and don’t be a creep. Let’s all try to keep fan interaction as wonderful as we know it can be.

Youtube related question, do 'Likes' contribute to the amount of revenue you get or is it just purely the number of views?


Yes, by liking videos you increase their likelihood of being seen since the number of likes changes the location on the search results. Which is why you see people do cheesy things like “lets see if we can get 5000 likes on this video!”. Really they want to make it be the top search video.

I see literally no reason not to like videos by youtubers you support now! 

Sjin is fabulous!

my whole feed will be filled with this! I’m not sorry

I love Sjin’s face, it cracks me up every time, he looks so surprised ;)

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15 seconds of all the songs I could find that sync with this gif


Feels good to be back to doing art again! Decided to draw Hannah when I was waiting for my computer to be fixed, now that i have it back I drew it up digitally and here is the finally product!

Don’t know if you guys are noticing but their is being a massive improvement in my art, to think I’ve only been drawing since December of 2012. Makes me wonder how good I’ll be in a years time with this rate of improvement. :D

But anyway, hope you all like it, do let me know what you think. I plan to start doing a lot more art for all your viewing pleasure. :3


Hannah Who and Sjinny Pond. I regret nothing.

See, sometimes I can draw things that aren’t yogscast related!! :O 

I’m still trying to do a drawing a day, I have no idea if it’s making a difference but I think it is.. maybe? 


Felt like drawing Zoey tonight in her new official design.

Back to working on animals. Not physically working on real live or dead animals. Drawing.


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